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Lambing is fucking awesome

I just had an interesting thought/revelation. So for the past two weeks, I've been staying with a farming family to help them out with lambing. And it was two of the best weeks I've ever had. I was really nervous at first, but all that melted away the moment I met my lambing mum and her kids at the train station. Because they're awesome. And I ended up loving them almost immediately. I still can't believe how lucky I got, considering that I got that placement from a rather vague ad off the NSA (national sheep association) website that I chose simply because I met their requirements (read: no exp necessary), the posting was recent enough that I figured they hadn't been contacted yet by anyone else, and they were in a location I liked. That could have gone so pear-shaped, but it would have been hard for it to have gone any better. <3

And that thought? I was there, living in a stranger's home with four strange people, eating cooking that I hadn't prepared myself (since my lambing mum is amazing and cooked amazing GF meals the whole time, and the kids even made lots of nice GF desserts, too!), and generally sharing my living space with other people. For two whole weeks. And almost ZERO anxiety. In fact, the only real bits of anxiety I felt were towards the end, which I can chalk up to hormones. But even that managed to be chased away fairly easily once there was more work to be done (so many crazy ewes and cute wee baby lambs! <3)

And this realization makes those two weeks even more fucking awesome than I had originally thought it could be. Turns out if I'm busy enough doing interesting/enjoyable things in a lovely enough place, my anxiety buggers off. Who'd've thunk it?

Meanwhile, now that I'm back in the city and wishing desperately that I was back there on that lovely farm (and not having to cook meals for myself - seriously, I haven't been that well fed in YEARS), I'm preparing to move to a new flat. A bit nerve-wracking, but my new place has the most wonderful country-view out of floor-to-ceiling windows, so I'm actually quite excited to be back out away from society again. (Plus, it's literally right down the road from a stable/livery! They're a bit expensive, but if they're good, I think the convenience will be worth it - Fingers crossed!)